How can I join Dubai Pro Wrestling?
Can I be part of the shows? 
Will I get paid? Is DPW Hiring?
What if I want to join but do not live in Dubai?
Is DPW affiliated with WWE?
What is the training like?
I'm an experienced wrestler and want to work with DPW.

Easy. Simply show up at our training center, register, pay the training fee, and you're in! Everyone is welcome to join. Any nationality, gender, age, skill, or fitness level. 

If you are over 16 years of age and DPW trainers believe you qualify based on your abilities, then yes, you can. Some trainees will reach this point within a few months, others could be years, it all depends on your ability to learn what is taught to you during your training sessions. 

Most likely no. Only the best DPW Wrestlers are occasionally paid or hired for commercial activities. Please do not contact us requesting a job unless in response to an ad placed by DPW. We will not respond to job inquiries. 

Most nationalities are able to get a 30 day or 90 day visit visa to the U.A.E. We suggest coming first on a visit visa for you to test the waters, then look into getting a residence visa if you are interested in staying. Please check U.A.E government websites in regards to visas as we cannot give advice on obtaining them. 

Great! We would love to have you! Our focus though is on locally based talent and we will not fly in outside talent. If you are planning to come to Dubai, we will consider you for our shows or for hosting seminars and can discuss payment terms with you. 

Our training varies based on the skill level of those in the class, with safety for all involved our main priority. It will be a workout like you have never experienced before. Everyone will start with basic rolls and warm ups before getting into the workout portion of the class. Beginners will learn basic holds and reversals. Advanced trainees will learn everything required to have a career in professional wrestling. 

No. But WWE is looking for superstars from all over the globe. DPW has a wide variety of wrestlers from many different countries and has supplied talent to WWE for consideration. Keep in mind, millions of people want to be considered by the WWE. You must be able to offer them something very unique and different and be willing to work extremely hard to gain their attention. It can be done, but will not be easy. 

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