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Joelle Hunter began her professional wrestling career back in October of 2014. Since then she has dedicated herself to continually improve. She has taken the media by storm, by being the first ever female Arab pro wrestler.
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October 9, 2014 · 

Dubai Pro Wrestling Academy is proud to welcome new students: Rupert, Brannan, and, our first female student, Gheeda! Excellent class last night!


Joelle's story began to circulate and was then picked up by Al Hurra TV as seen in the video below:


As her popularity rose, more and more media outlets came calling for her. She has been featured in Time Out Dubai, SNTV, The National, The Wall Street Journal, Dubai Eye 103.8, and more. Being the only female in Dubai Pro Wrestling, she initially was not scheduled to wrestle at any of the live events. Not satisfied with this, she asserted herself by coming to the ring at our 12th June event and issued an open challenge to anyone willing to face her. The Vigilante upset from his loss to Asero in the match before, answered her challenge. 

Although she was not able to get the win against him, she had doubled down on her determination to establish herself as a legitimate competitor. At the following live event on 31st July, she was set to face The Vigilante again. This time in a scheduled match.  

This time around she knew what to expect from The Vigilante and was prepared for it. See the highlights of that match below

Again unsuccessful, she has been pushing herself harder than ever. Seeking training from the best trainers she can find, in prepartion for her coming rematch.

The Vigilante claims she has no place in Dubai Pro Wrestling and is better suited at home where she can cook and clean. He also claims that all the media has gone to her head and that she has been spending more time in front of cameras doing interviews and less time in the ring. 

Does Joelle have a place in Dubai Pro Wrestling? Or is she better suited in more stereotypical female oriented activities, as The Vigilante claims? 

Joelle gets her first win! Establishing herself in DPW and the wrestling world!

Joelle continues to inspire and follow her dream of creating a women's wrestling division in the UAE

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